Fifth Annual E.L. 'Ted' Wheelwright Memorial Lecture

'The Financial Crisis and its aftermath in the USA and UK: a feminist perspective' // Diane Elson

On 29 August, 2012, Professor Diane Elson from the University of Essex, a leading world expert in the field of economic development, gender and living standards, delivered the fifth annual E.L. 'Ted' Wheelwright Memorial Lecture at the University of Sydney.


In light of the Global Financial Crisis, media commentators in USA and UK pointed to the crisis as being structured by gender relations. One suggested that if Lehman Brothers had been Lehman Brothers and Sisters, a financial crisis would have been far less likely. Others described the ensuing fall in output and employment as a 'mancession'. Feminists in both countries have argued that subsequent austerity policies are undermining the improvements that had been made in women's economic and social rights.


Professor Elson critically discussed the validity of these claims and asked the audience to consider the role that gender has played in the financial crisis and its aftermath, both in Australia and globally.


At a time when the world is experiencing dramatic changes in economic conditions, with big winners and equally big losers, her lecture presented an excellent opportunity to understand and assess these contemporary political economic concerns.


A modified version of Professor Elson's lecture can be read here


A video of Diane's lecture can be downloaded here