JAPE NO. 69, WINTER 2012

01 Editorial: Renewing the Political Economy of Health and Healthcare in Australia //

David Primrose and Dorothy Broom


02 Markets, Universalism and Equity? Medicare’s Dual Role in the Australian Welfare State // Ben Spies-Butcher


03 Cutting Health Costs: Lowering Out-of-Pocket Expenses by Changing Processes //

David Baker


04 Putting the $7 Co-Payment in Context: Australia’s Increasingly Financialised System of Healthcare // Freya Bundey


05 Expropriating Public Health Policy: Tobacco Companies’ Use of International Tribunals to Sue Governments Over Public Health Regulation // Pat Ranald


06  Australia’s Position on Patents and Medicines Policy in Global Forums: The Need for Greater Transparency and Accountability // David G. Legge, Deborah H. Gleeson, Hans Löfgren and Belinda Townsend


07 Confronting the Formula Feeding Epidemic in a New Era of Trade and Investment Liberalisation // Julie P. Smith, Judith Galtry and Libby Salmon


08 Canada, Health and Historical Political Economy // Rodney Loeppky


09 Unlikely Partners: Challenges for an Australia-Cuba Collaboration in Public Health // Tim Anderson


10 A Reflection on Gavin Mooney’s Citizen Jury on Offender Health // Paul Simpson, Jill Guthrie and Tony Butler


11 Symposium on Gavin Mooney and Scott Blackwell’s ‘Whose Health Service Is It Anyway? Community Values in Healthcare’ // Pat Neuwelt, Peter Sainsbury and David H. Legge


12 Book Reviews