'A thousand problems. Only experience is capable of correcting and opening new ways. Only unobstructed, effervescing life falls into a thousand new forms and improvisations, brings to life creative force, itself corrects all mistaken attempts.' -Rosa Luxemburg

Australia's leading centre for the study of political economy. Site contains information about courses, staff, research and publications.

News, articles and reviews about heterodox economics worldwide.

Includes regular articles and news about developments in political economy worldwide through the 'Real-World Economics Review', as well as real-time discussion in the 'Real World Economics Review Blog'.

Information about journals, conferences and other institutions where heterodox economics and political economy can be studied.

Australian network of academics and others concerned with alternatives to orthodox economics. Holds an annual conference at the University of NSW.

At the University of Newcastle. Holds periodic conferences and produces economic research. Particular emphasis on achieving full employment through a ‘jobs guarantee’ policy.

Honouring the legacy of Dr Herbert ‘Doc’ Evatt and aiming to advance the ideals of the labour movement, such as equality, participation, social justice and human rights. Provides publications, details on public events and news updates.

National network critically examining trade agreements and arguing for more open and accountable trade policy process, based on international labour rights and environmental standards. Information on current campaigns, news and media resources, etc.

Quarterly magazine discussing social and political change in Australia. Provides access to previous issues of magazine and information on upcoming events.

Weekly event held every Friday in Sydney to discuss current economic, social and cultural issues. Provides archives of talks and previous events.

Promotes research and activism on progressive economic social and political issues. Provides news, events listings, publications, details of projects and scholarships for researchers.

International conglomeration of scholars promoting the pedagogical, analytical and political necessity of adopting a political economic approach to a range of contemporary issues. Includes previous conference papers, workshops and updates on events and publications.

Independent public policy research centre. Provides research on contemporary issues relating to economy, environment, society and government, as well as details on events.

Canadian blog on both national and global political economic issues from a predominantly institutional and post-Keynesian viewpoint. Regularly updated to comment on events occurring in real-time and in an accessible form.

Organisation of the labour movement, focusing on progressive change in Australian society through both formal policy responses and community activism. Provides details on events, some publications, current campaigns, extensive links page, etc.

Public interest think tank dedicated to promoting alternative voices in Australia's public debate on issues of democracy, sustainable economic processes and services to Australian citizens. Regular publications, member contributions, events, etc.

International association aimed at increasing the scope and relevance of economic analysis through the promotion of heterodox alternatives to mainstream economics. Offers access to numerous journal articles, blogs and networks of interested scholars on a range of issues.

Personal blog of Steve Keen, author of 'Debunking Economics: The Naked Emperor of the Social Sciences'. Emphasises the roots of the global financial crisis in excessive household debt and the problems that result from deleveraging during the crisis.

International organisation promoting the development of heterodox alternatives to mainstream economics. Provides a range of resources for both critical research and pedagogy, including conference papers and videos, working papers and access to networks of interested scholars.

A degree that can be completed, full or part-time, in either 1 or 2 years. Applicants without previous undergraduate political economy or related subjects can enter by taking the Graduate Diploma in PE or Grad Cert in PE.

A collection of videos in which Emeritus Professor Frank Stilwell delivers a series of lectures to first year students in the Department of Political Economy at Sydney University. The videos capture the final time Frank taught this subject after several decades at the helm.