‘People are the common denominator of progress. So, paucis verbis, no improvement is possible with unimproved people, and advance is certain when people are liberated and educated’ -John Kenneth Galbraith


JAPE is published twice a year. 
Subscription rates for individuals are as follows:
Low income student    $16 [four issues]
Individuals            $24 (four issues)
Overseas            $25 (two issues)
Institutions, including libraries, can take out an annual subscription for $25 (two issues).

To subscribe, please email frank.stilwell@sydney.edu.au, or write to: JAPE, Department of Political Economy, University of Sydney, NSW 2006;
•    enclosing cheque payable to JAPE, or giving full details of your credit card payment (type of card, card number, expiry date, amount to be paid).
•    indicating the issue from which you would like your subscription to begin, and
•    giving the name and address to which you want the journal sent.